Investment Philosophy

The Three Pillars of Investment

The investments philosophy behind Salmon Global Fund is based on three pillars of real risk premium, ultra diversification, and tail risk management.

Real Risk Premium

Salmon Global Fund will invest only in instruments that have both normative risk premium as well as descriptive risk premium. Normative reasons for risk must exist and volatility of an instrument in itself doesn’t create any risk premium. Similarly, the presence of a descriptive risk premium without a fundamental normative reason is also not acceptable within the investment philosophy.

Ultra Diversification

Diversification leads to lower volatility of the portfolio without compromising returns. Ultra diversification is achieved by investing in various deeply liquid instruments:





Tail Events



Real Estate



Tail Risk Management

Tail events are becoming increasingly frequent. They wipe out many years of previous returns and are hence extremely important to deal with in a portfolio. Salmon Global Fund employs a research based, proprietary tail risk hedging strategy that both hedges the portfolio against tail events and enhances the portfolio returns.


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